Welcome to the XSEDE Science Gateway for UltraScan!

This website offers access to the UltraScan Laboratory Information Management System (USLIMS), a XSEDE Science Gateway supported by an allocation through a XSEDE community account. This system provides web and database support for users of the UltraScan software. You can use this portal to access data associated with your sedimentation experiments, and share your data with collaborators. Authorized users can also use this site to model analytical ultracentrifugation experiments with UltraScan's high-performance analysis modules by submitting analysis jobs to computing clusters available at the University of Texas Health Science Center and XSEDE sites at the Texas Advanced Computing Center and at Indiana University. These services are made available through an NSF XSEDE community account (see below for funding credits). To obtain access to this resource please contact the project director.

There are two different versions of the LIMS portal available, LIMS II (for use with UltraScan II) and LIMS III (for use with UltraScan III). All users are encouraged to switch to the UltraScan III implementation instead of starting with LIMS II, which will only be maintained to guarantee access to legacy data. No new LIMS II instances will be issued to new users.


We do not take any responsibility for data loss due to hardware failure, software error, operator error or other cause. It is your responsibility to always make backups of your data. You are free to use this resource at no cost. Support is provided via the UltraScan mailing list. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the security of your data. You assume all risks involved with placing your data on our server. This site is a public service, and can not guarantee that information placed on this server will always remain private. If you need a private, secure database please contact us to make arrangements for such a service.

Funding for this facility is provided through multiple sources:

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Borries Demeler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
UltraScan Project Director