Public Access to UltraScan High-Performance Computing Resources

The UltraScan software can take advantage of high-performance computing (HPC) resources to assist with modeling of sedimentation data. Public access to NSF-funded XSEDE HPC resources are made available through a community allocation account, available for all users of UltraScan through NSF Teragrid Grant #MCB070038 to Borries Demeler. The HPC service is offered through the XSEDE Science Gateway system.

In order to use these supercomputing resources, a user must register with Borries Demeler and obtain authorized access. Please send us an e-mail and we will set everything up for you. A second requirement is that the data are stored in a USLIMS system, and each institution should have their own instance. Therefore, prior to using the UltraScan HPC resources you need to obtain UltraScan database access for the UltraScan LIMS by registering for XSEDE Science Gateway USLIMS Database Access at UTHSCSA. You will also need to have an active account in your LIMS Portal. This can be obtained through an on-line application available in the login page for each institution's LIMS instance.