The UltraScan LIMS databases

The Public UltraScan LIMS portal uses a MySQL database to serve analytical ultracentrifugation data to UltraScan users. In order to access this portal you will need an account in the database that has been set up for your institution.

We currently support two versions of the LIMS portal system, USLIMS-II and USLIMS-III. The USLIMS-III system is intended for all active users who wish to submit new data analysis requests to the LIMS portal. However, the USLIMS-II system contains legacy data and legacy analysis results that were performed with our previous UltraScan-II version. We will continue to offer access to the older version, but we will not install new instances of USLIMS-II portals. Only USLIMS-III portals for use with UltraScan-III will be installed for new and current users. Please visit the USLIMS-II and USLIMS-III websites for further information on how obtain access to the LIMS portal for your institution, and how to connect your UltraScan software to the MySQL database back end.

In order to use the UltraScan LIMS portal together with your UltraScan software, you will need to have Internet access and configure UltraScan to use the UltraScan LIMS database. This requires a password, a database and hostname information, as well as a username. This will be issued by us for each facility or institution with their own USLIMS instance. The database information will be provided to the facility administrator at the time when the instance is first set up. If an instance exists for your institution, please contact the administrator for this information.